Where to sell your used watch?

There are many options when it comes to selling a pre-owned watch.  While we would like to think www.anywatchforcash.co.uk would be your first choice, in reality depending on your watch (brand, value, condition) there are a number of other sites and options worth considering.  There are also other factors such as your risk level, how long until you get paid, and sales fees.  A brief review of some of your options are outlined below with some of the pro’s and con’s;

www.anywatchforcash.co.uk – Offers a no obligation quote and very fast payments.  Quotes available for watches from £50 to £2500.  Anywatchforcash specialise in buying microbrands underserved by other companies such as Bremont, Christopher Ward, Grand Seiko, Sinn etc as well as popular Swiss brands such as Breitling, Longines, Omega, Tag Heuer and Tudor.

Auction Houses – There are a growing number of dedicated watch sales held each year.  High end and rare watches are well suited to www.christies.com, www.bonhams.com and www.phillips.com. These will reach a large audience of watch enthusiasts and collectors.  High fees and long lead times between consignment and getting paid should be noted and generally they will not look to sell watches under £5,000 due to their business model.

Auction Siteswww.ebay.co.uk – One of the worlds largest marketplaces for watches.  Only recommended if you are an experienced ebay user as watch sellers, especially for premium watches can be targeted by fraudsters.  If listing as an auction there is no guarantee of the final price, and ebay fees are typically around 10%.  We recommend ebay for cheaper watches such as fashion brands with a value of under £100.

Free listing siteswww.gumtree.co.uk / www.facebook.com / www.vinted.co.uk etc – Can sell your used watch locally and at no cost.  If selling expensive items, be aware of payment scams and other common frauds.

Marketplace platformswww.Chrono24.co.uk allows you to list your watch privately to a huge international audience for a fix percentage fee of the agree sales amount.  Some buyer/seller protection are available and many experiences are positive.  www.watchmaster.com offers an in-between to watch dealers offering a ‘sale or return’ service however there is a cost to prepare your watch for sale in addition to their sales commissions which needs to be taken into consideration and can work out costly as a percentage on lower value watch.  Remember there are no guarantees of how long to sell your watch or the price that will be achieved.

Pawnbrokers – There are some large chains such as www.ramsdensjewellery.co.uk and www.cashconverters.co.uk and many local players.  They do not necessarily specialise in watches but ideal for a quick sale and local drop off.  Consider this option for more common entry level Swiss watches.

Social Media – Increasingly people are using apps like www.instagram.com or www.facebook.com groups to sell watches.  While these may allow you to obtain closer to retail and market your watch to a dedicated enthusiast group, it is important you do your research on the buyer and are fully aware of the latest scams when selling direct and the lack of seller protection.

Watch dealers – Trade prices will not be as high as retail but generally if you stick to established brick and mortar dealers with a good track record there is little to go wrong.  Much like anywatchforcash, quotes can be received in advance before any commitment.   The largest player in the UK is www.watchfinder.co.uk – Particularly suited if you have a Rolex or Patek Phillip and watches worth £5,000 or more but it is worth comparing quotes with other watch dealers local to you.

Watch forums – There are many dedicated watch forums for enthusiasts of particular brands.  Selling options may be limited if you are not an active participant in the forum but these are a great place to start for advice.  Well suited if you have a specialist watch, for example if you have a military issued watch, find a military watch forum.  If you have a vintage Rolex, try a Vintage Rolex forum.