How to get the best price for your watch

If you are looking to sell your used watch to, or to any other site, below are some simple steps you can follow to help you achieve the maximum sale price.

Choose the right sales portal.

A Ford car dealer is not going to give you the best price for your Ferrari.  They are not familiar with each car and specific model.  They will not have the connections to fix any issues and warrant the car, and will not have a list of customers they can approach to sell the car in a reasonable time.  There is therefore an element of risk for them, and this is reflected in their offer price.

Similarly, if you have an extremely rare vintage watch from a high end brand in perfect condition, who’s original owner was famous person of historically importance, Anywatchforcash will give you a quote, but you are unlikely to realise it’s full potential.  Your first port of call to getting the best price for your watch is to understand what you and have and gain an idea of its value which may involve some research on your part.  You can then choose the right sales platform.  A good place to start is on our page Where to sell your used watch?

Photos – Take multiple good quality pictures.  Most modern smart phones have more than capable cameras.  Ensure the watch is in focus and photos are taken in good light.  Good quality photos which accurately reflect the watch and condition will ensure a fair price is achieved.  Poor quality photos will not allow any buyer to assess the watch and will likely result in a more cautions quote.

Box & Papers – Depending on the watch and brand, the availability of box and papers can impact the offer price by 5% to 20%.  The presence of an active warranty will provide peace of mind in the event of a fault.  If box and papers are available, you should did them out.

Accessories – Does you watch come with any accessories such as original instructions, tools, certificates?  Are all the spare links present?  If you have a small wrist, the cost to source spare links (assuming they are even available) could impact the price.  Is the watch on its original strap?  Replacement straps from high end Swiss brands typically start from £100 and go up to £500.

Condition – Clearly state the condition of the watch.  If there are scratches and dings to the case, or chips to the crystal, these may have an impact on the value of the watch.  If the watch is described as mint and it is received in poor condition, our offer will be amended to reflect this.  Being clear on the condition will ensure a more accurate quote.  A scratched watch will not necessarily be worth less than a newly polished watch as some collectors want the watch in original unpolished condition but in general the better the condition, the higher the value.

Watch operation – How is the watch running?  Does it have any service history?   Do all the functions work?  – A Swiss watch service typically starts at £250 and can cost up to £800 even assuming no replacement parts are required.  The turnaround for a service from some manufacturers can be up to 6 months.  A watch running to manufacturer spec will therefore be at a premium to one that needs an unknown quantity of repairs.